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Postdoctoral position: Label-free imaging based on broadband Coherent Raman micro-spectroscopy

The Vibrational Imaging Laboratory at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia) is looking for a postdoctoral research associate to work on the development and application of a fast and broadband Stimulated Raman Scattering microscope, in the framework of an interdisciplinary project investigating lipid dysregulation in cancer cells.
A Ph.D. degree in engineering, physics, or a related field is required. The candidate must have hands-on experience with optical instrumentation, optical microscopes and ultrashort pulse laser sources. Proficiency using Matlab and LabVIEW is preferred. Experience in image analysis and Multivariate Analysis of spectroscopic data will be considered a plus.
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Postdoc positions at the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics

Open calls for 6 postdoctoral in:
- Applied Statistics
- Simulation of Wave Propagation
- Metabollic Modelling
- Machine Learning Driven Atomistic Simulations for Energy & Health
- Artificial Intelligence in prediction for clinical practice
- CFD Modelling and Simulation


Open positions at the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics

BCAM Take a look at our latest job offers for research technicians and postdoc fellows.

Post-doc positions- Photonics- Trinity College Dublin

There are 2 Post-doctoral researcher positions available in the Donegan Photonics group in TCD. Applications are invited for post-doc positions in the Photonics group led by Professor John Donegan in the School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin. Successful applicants will join a vibrant community of students and postdoctoral researchers. Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin is ranked 1st in Ireland and in the top 110 world universities by the QS World University Rankings.

post-doctoral at the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble (IRIG, formerly INAC) of the CEA Grenoble (France)

A post-doctoral position is opened at the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble (IRIG,formerly INAC) of the CEA Grenoble (France) on the theory and modeling of arrays of silicon-oninsulator quantum bits (qubits). This position fits into an ERC Synergy project, quCube, aimed at developing two-dimensional arrays of such qubits. The selected candidate is expected to start between October and December 2019, for up to three years.

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Post-Doctoral position in Quantum Matter and Quantum Optics Theory, Ecole Polytechnique, France

*Post-Doctoral position in Quantum Matter and Quantum Optics Theory at the Center for Theoretical Physics, Ecole Polytechnique*

The Center for Theoretical Physics at Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau (Paris), France, offers a Post-Doctoral position on*Quantum Matter and Quantum**Optics**Theory*.We are looking forahigh-qualified, motivated, and dynamic young scientist inTheoretical Quantum Physics.The successful applicant will be part of the*Ultracold Quantum Matter group*at the Center for Theoretical Physics of Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau, Paris area). He/She will work under the supervision of the head of the group, Prof. Laurent Sanchez-Palencia.

*Dealine for applications: April 8, 2019

*Result of application: Mid May, 2019

*Start date of contract: September 2019

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Post-doc offer in Quantum NanoOptomechanics, Laboratoire MPQ, Paris, France

Post-doctoral position in quantum nanooptomechanics, available at the Laboratoire Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques, CNRS, Université Paris Diderot, France
This offer can be reached via the following CNRS link:

Postdoc in Quantum Computing applied to Quantum Chemistry, Sweden

Postdoctoral position in Quantum Computing applied to Quantum Chemistry,Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
A 1+1 year post-doc position in a collaborative project between *Chalmers’ Chemistry Department* and the Open Super Q project for building a European superconducting quantum computer.
Deadline for application 31/1-2019.

More details available here:

postdoc position in ultracold quantum gases at ICFO, Barcelona

The Ultracold Quantum Gases group, led by Leticia Tarruell, is inviting applications for one postdoctoral position in experimental AMO physics.

Postdoc offer on Superconducting circuits, ENS Lyon, France

*Position:* Postdoctoral researcher in Quantum information experiments with superconducting circuits in Lyon

*Location:* Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon, France.

*General information: *Applications are accepted anytime. Position to be filled starting October 2018. The full-time position will be funded by the EU Flagship on Quantum Technologies. Salary depends on academic age and follows the pay grid of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Fixed term for up to two years with possibility to renew.

*Mission:* The postdoctoral researcher will be part of the Quantum Circuits group of Pr. Benjamin Huard ( ) in the Physics Laboratory of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. He/she will work within the framework of the Qmics project whose aim is to enable quantum microwave communication and sensing.

*Activities:* The postdoctoral fellow will be in charge of performing experiments in close collaboration with a PhD student. The activities involve superconducting circuit fabrication, microwave engineering, quantum limited measurements in the microwave domain, temporal shaping and analysis of microwave pulses, numerical simulations, data post-processing and manuscript writing. Our part of the project include performing microwave photon counting, teleportation between distant cavities and demonstrating a quantum advantage in microwave illumination.

*Skills: *Candidates must (or will soon) hold a doctorate in experimental quantum information or quantum optics or experimental mesoscopic physics and proven research skills evidenced by at least one publication as the first/join first or second author. Other essential criteria for this post are a sound knowledge of quantum information and experience in at least one of the following fields: electron beam lithography, dilution refrigerator low noise measurements, microwave engineering, feedback control, quantum measurement, quantum operations on light. Candidates must have a positive attitude to working in a team. Finally, fluency in spoken and written English is a requirement.

*Working environment:* Ecoles Normales Supérieures are elite French public institutions that train professors, researchers, senior civil servants as well as business and political leaders. They are symbols of French Republican meritocracy and remain committed today to disseminating knowledge to the widest audience and to promoting equal opportunity. Lyon is the second largest French city and is famous for its excellent quality of life, restaurants, vibrant cultural life and close proximity to the Alpes and 2h by train distance to Paris and the Mediterranean sea.

Travels to the experimental partners of the EU project in Finland and Germany should be expected.

If interested, please send your resume and reference contacts to .

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