ECOMERS : "A macroecological theory for the arrangement of life in the oceans" 11 mai 15h

Grégory Beaugrand, directeur de recherche au CNRS (Laboratoire d'Océanologie et de Géosciences, Wimereux) et chercheur associé à la SAHFOS (Plymouth), viendra nous présenter ses travaux le 11 mai à 15h en salle Risso (Bât. Sc. Nat. Valrose)

Sa présentation s'intitule :

"A macroecological theory for the arrangement of life in the oceans"


In the next decades, global climate is likely to change at a magnitude rarely reached in the recent history of the planet, threatening the organisation and the distribution of marine ecosystems and their biodiversity. Results from retrospective analyses have greatly improved our understanding of the influence of changing climatic conditions on marine species and ecosystems. However, general theories have not been proposed yet to explain and predict how ecosystems and their biodiversity respond to climate and environmental changes. In this talk, I present the MacroEcological Theory of the Arrangement of Life or METAL theory. The METAL theory states that biodiversity is strongly, and in a deterministic way, influenced by climate and the environment. This influence mainly occurs through the interactions between the ecological niche of a species and both climatic and environmental changes. These interactions should propagate through different organisational levels from the species to the community and the ecosystem. They should also be perceptible from the smallest ecosystems to the whole ecosphere. The theory offers a way to make testable predictions at the biogeographic scale and in the context of climate change. It explains how global-scale biodiversity patterns form and how climate change may alter ecosystems and their species.